current and next stack..Recommendations needed

  1. current and next stack..Recommendations needed

    This is my current stack in which i will start on Monday: Hemavol, jack3d, T-911, bcaa, beta alanine, glutamine, whey, multi and fish oil. Now i been taking t911 for about 2 weeks now and almost done with the bottle now i love it and would like to know how long should i stay on it? or get off and get back on it. i start this new stack on mon with a half bottle of t911. this will be my first time using jack3d and hemavol. next month i will be cutting and planning on taking the get up and go stack and would like to see what i can stack with that so i can plan ahead as well. maybe stick with hemavol or jack3d next month as well? not sure please help

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  3. Someone please lol.....

  4. Take atleast a couple weeks off if you're on T911 for 4-6 weeks. How many are you taking a day? at 3 a day a bottle will last you a month.

    There's really not much to add, you don't need to over do it with your supplements. Obviously diet and imput at the gym are the big factors.

    If you really are just looking for advice for something to add, HGHPro will work with either or both cycles.

  5. Thought of any pro-hormones?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rulk22 View Post
    Thought of any pro-hormones?
    if you cant cut without the use of anabolics thats not very good.

    To the OP, bro take T-911 for 6 weeks max with a break in between. Looks like u have all the staples down. Once u have that OEP and Alpha T-2 with the T-911 back in again you should be good with ur diet and training down. Only thing else I could recommend would be adding a partitioner. And my favorite is Recompadrol by lean body formulations. it does so much more than any other paritioner and the price is well below everything else especially more servings (180 Caps) 1 cap can easily handle 60-80 carbs

  7. I'd say take a little break if you have been on T-911 for 4-6 wks as well.

    What beta-alanine are you using? I used Primordial Performance's Beta-Alanine not too long ago and loved it. I was actually thinking about getting some more.
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  8. thancx guys...yea i take 3 servings per day of t911..i will get off from it after the bottle is gone. my diet is in tact but is just a lil hard to get that stubborn fat on the waist..nothing big but not going away...No i wont dare take prohormones...
    sorry but whats a partitioner? i guessing for carbs? how would i take it?
    im taking beta alanine from nutraplanet..

  9. btw mayweather dominated just had to throw it in lol sorry that is out the topic
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    Quote Originally Posted by CopyCat View Post
    I'd say take a little break if you have been on T-911 for 4-6 wks as well.

    What beta-alanine are you using? I used Primordial Performance's Beta-Alanine not too long ago and loved it. I was actually thinking about getting some more.
    I agree, you tend to get diminishing returns with test boosters over time so it's good to change them up frequently, what others have you tried?

    I agree about disregarding the PHs, they will aid in preserving muscle mass but as rulk22 stated, if you can't cut without them it's pretty pointless.

  11. t911 is my first testbooster..and im on my first bottle as well...never tried any other one..i see testopro is good as everytime u get on a test booster u get on for about a month and get off for a month? i been on it since 4/15..i was hgh pro is would be better for my last month or should i use it for my cutting stack? i was looking into adding asgt with my get up and go stack and maybe use jack3d as well when i cut

  12. i heard prohormones are no good..idk thats scary to me lol...i am also scared to loose my hair in which i heard is a side effect in ph

  13. I would rec these for help in gains and trimming:[[
    And some whey protein powder. (maybe lipo protein from LG, trueprotein or WheyToBuildMuscles whey is nice also.)

    cycle of these supps:----->

    creatine- take 3-4g 40min before workout with a lil bit of juice or dextrose (maybe5-10g) and take 4-5g PWO (take within 20-30min of finishing workout) with some simple carbs like sugar or dextrose. (i also like to have about 25g os iso-whey at this time)

    - take 1g 3-4X times times a day about 3 or so hrs apart (it takes few weeks to notice help from this product but it will come)

    IBCAA- have some with your creatine before workout and I also rec having some in your water you drink while working out and soem mixed in again PWO.

    gplc- use as directed.

    Whey protien- Use threw out the day to help get in protein.

  14. rahhh im taking creatine already but i see jack3d has creatine in it already so not sure if i should still take any besides whats in jack3d. beta alanine i take as well 3 times per day. i have the np brand and i also take bcaa b4 and after workout and the brand im taking is now. And i take On 100% whey throughout the day 1.5g of my body weight which is about 190 grams of protein for me..i take in protein from food and whey and at night cassein.
    i was looking into that creapure but like i said im taking jack3d. so idk if i should or not

  15. i would recommend CLA and GPLC primordial performance brand is the best deal ive seen for gplc.
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  16. How about Derma Therm Target? It actually is working for me and I hear its good for spot reduction.

  17. Hemavol and Jacked is solid for a pre-workout combination; I truly would not consider stacking anything else with it pre-workout. If you want spot reduction, eviscerate is awesome. For a nice recomp fat loss effect, nothing is going to be USP labs anabolic pump IMO.
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  18. thank you. I will look into both products. I'll keep u guys posted.

  19. Rulk-I just looked up dermatherm target. Never seen that before. Does itt really work? I'm looking to get some belly fat off. So I just apply it to that area before workout? I use a solar belt that u put around it waist to make u sweat more. I bought it at modells. That seems to make me sweat more as well. Now by question is can I use both? Or is the dermatherm good enough? Are u seeing a major difference ?

  20. Wow ok I read customer reviews on dermatherm target and eviscerate. Both seems good. But which is better?


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