Hemavol, jack3ed and t-911?

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  1. Is funny bcause it don't even get me horny or gets my thing hard the way people say. Or why u saying. Is this bad? Yeah on workout days I take it at 7am than at 130pm. 30min before the gym

  2. Supposed to take it 3 times if you are working out.

  3. Ohh well Ima start taking three than. Well I wake up at 4am. So my first dose is at 7 and second at 130. Before the gym. So When should I take my third? Should all three be before working out?

  4. 1-2 hours before bed i guess.

  5. Ok I'll do that than. So they don't have to be all before the gym?

  6. Nope, Take one in the am, one towards the night, and 1 before the gym.

    T-911 Directions:
    Just dissolve one tablet under the tongue twice per day to maximize your testosterone levels. As an added boost, slip another tablet under your tongue 30 minutes before a workout or sexual activity.

  7. Got it sir. Gracias. :-). I'm all covered now


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