Hemavol, jack3ed and t-911?

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  1. Dave exactly and well put together. The utting phase to me is difficult in which u need to be carefull losing to much muscle avoiding this and that with less energy the whole nine.

  2. For me It's not just that.

    I've been in numerous car accident, and since football, my left knee is shot. I can only run maybe a mile before it swells up like a baloon.

  3. Damn beazy. That sucks. As long as u ok from them it wasn't bad enough that u can't do any physical activities.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by halfhuman View Post
    Damn beazy. That sucks. As long as u ok from them it wasn't bad enough that u can't do any physical activities.
    I still tear it up in the gym. Just my squat declined, and cardio is hell for me lol.

    I wish i lived in a world where cardio didn't exist for cutting.

    That probily why i have Procrastibated cutting so far.

  5. Lmfao don't we all wish that.

  6. still confused if i should take t911 on my off days..no one ever answered

  7. Any suggestions?

  8. I'd say take one pill, mid day. That my opinion. When I did Novedex, I took half the dosage on non-training days.

  9. Thanx beazy. Thats what I figured to.

  10. Says take two daily, and one for a boost before workout, just take on mid day i supposed and you should be good. But if you take one before you workout, take two a day then, one around morning, and one a few hours before bed (Try sleeping with a stiffy, Novedex broke me).

  11. Is funny bcause it don't even get me horny or gets my thing hard the way people say. Or why u saying. Is this bad? Yeah on workout days I take it at 7am than at 130pm. 30min before the gym

  12. Supposed to take it 3 times if you are working out.

  13. Ohh well Ima start taking three than. Well I wake up at 4am. So my first dose is at 7 and second at 130. Before the gym. So When should I take my third? Should all three be before working out?

  14. 1-2 hours before bed i guess.

  15. Ok I'll do that than. So they don't have to be all before the gym?

  16. Nope, Take one in the am, one towards the night, and 1 before the gym.

    T-911 Directions:
    Just dissolve one tablet under the tongue twice per day to maximize your testosterone levels. As an added boost, slip another tablet under your tongue 30 minutes before a workout or sexual activity.

  17. Got it sir. Gracias. :-). I'm all covered now


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