Diesel Test with M- stak

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    Diesel Test with M- stak

    Started this stack a week ago, so far very happy with the results. Ive generally learned not to waste my money on any 'supplements' unless theyre ph,ps, or aas, which I havent tried yet, but theres just way too many supps out there that its not worth spending hundreds of dollars to find one that will give you an extra lb or two ( besides bcca's, fish oil etc).

    Anyways, Diesel Test is designed to raise natural test and free test as well as reduce cortisol, which ive seen through logged blood work. The M-stak is a nutrient partitioner, cortisol blocker, and designed to increase protein synthesis. I thought it would be interesting combining the two, and in my head at least, seemed like it would mimic a very, very mild ph with no shutdown.

    A couple days in I noticed an increase in appetite and libido, and a slight increase in aggresion. A week in the weight has been slowly, but steadily increasing and I am leaning out on increased calories. I live in a fraternity house so I average about 4 -5 hours of sleep and my diet is clean but am forced to rely on shakes and protien bars sometimes rather than my 'bread and butter', chicken and brown rice. All things considered, very happy so far. Anyone have any thoughts suggestions, or even tried stacking two supplements like this? Just looking for some suggestions on how make the most out of the stack.

    btw went to europa yesterday, those ****ers are huge. Kai Lemmay's things are bigger than my torso.... didnt know that was possible

  2. cool man how old are ya?

  3. that's whats up, glad to see you found something that works for you, keep it pushin ato
  4. ato ucf
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    I'm 21. Ive ran tren extreme and 1-t tren before and loved both and had minimal shutdown or sides. Took nolva and a test booster after the tren extreme and recovered well, and then nolva with the TRS and recovered even better after the 1-t tren.

    My squat started at 315 x 4 atf, after a week im at 315 x 6. Added a little weight on t-bar and bent over rows, and put up 205 x 10 on close grip bench (rotator cuff is still sore so im taking a break from normal flat bench) and skull crushers and curls have been easier with an extra 5lbs on both. Im up about 1-2 lbs, slightly leaner so if this keeps up it might be my prefered way to go over an hormonal ****.

    Anyone ever tried a stack like this? So far I feel like I'm on a real ph and the gains have been great, could be a solid alternative to any ph/ps.

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