derma/ bioforge/ e-bol

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    derma/ bioforge/ e-bol

    hey all,

    im thinking of give this a run before summer really gets going..a month of dermacrine, with 2 bottles of bioforge and a bottle of E-bol- looking to lose a small bit off the belly, gain some good strength and id like to gain 5-7 sustainable lbs. after the above id run sustain alpha, testopro and maybe something else..

    5'9 210lbs 375 bench 18 arms, 19 yrs training-heavy weights low -ish reps..

    any input good or bad is welcome

  2. Sounds like a very cool stack to be honest. Simple yet one that, IMO, should yeild some decent gains with a recomp effect I would think. Also, not needed but just a suggestion, feedback on Prime (USP Labs) reports very large increases in strength with a leaning out effect. If you have the cash it wouldn't be a bad idea at all the run that the entire length of your cycle. Possibly replace E-bol? It should really start to kick in the end of your dermacrine cycle and should become more pronounce throughout your PCT.

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    thanks for the input! this stack has changed so much from what i thought i was going to do originally. ive been looking at A LOT of different combos- right before i went with e bol, Prime was what i was gonna run with the other supps. ive just read SO many positive reviews with the bioforge/ebol combo it seemed to good to pass up..maybe ill run the Prime version of this stack after or with the SA and Testopro..

  4. That would work as well. I'm not saying that E-bol isn't effective at all (although it does seem to have a very low dose of Ecdy), it just seems that from feedback, the length of your dermacrine cycle (4 weeks), the effects of dermacrine and prime (leaning out effect w/ strength increases) that would make an absolutely sick combo. Might do it myself actually if I can scrape together enough cash for a bottle of Dermacrine LV. The timing just seems to work as well with users reporting the "magic week" on Prime seems to be 3, and your dermacrine ending in 4 weeks. Then the Prime could sort of "carry" you into PCT.

    Either one should be a great stack though bro.

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