Help!! Finaflex is ruining my life...

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    Exclamation Help!! Finaflex is ruining my life...

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot... I'm new to this forum. I'll break it down I've cycled finaflex twice 8 months apart. This second time I have had ED for 2 months. Prolactin levels are low which is good and free test is normal. My Endicronologist doesn't care about me because i'm a so called "user" but this is killing me. (I've a;ready spent a1500 dollars there and have seen the actual doc for about10 min.) I started Hcg about a week ago and still nothing. Taking 100mg's of viagra just so I can get it up. Sorry if this sounds rushed. I used Novedex xt which I know isn't enough... I'd like some advice on where to go after the Hcg. I'm doing 600iu's 3 days a week. Please Help!

  2. You may want to post this in the anabolics section for better responses.

  3. Give it time...

    I know this sounds wrong but...don't tell the doctor you took that. Doctor immediatley offer less help/attention to "users"
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