I stocked up on these waaaay back when I first heard about them. Was running two x one box cycles a year for a couple years, then upped to twoxtwo box till my last cycle which was almost a year ago. I'm getting older (40 now) and seems to take the 'ol libido a little longer to recover than it used to so once a year is enough now. Due to my 12 hour shifts I can only hit the gym on my days off...so 3-4 times a week very high intensity with lots of heavy weight with my partner and use a pulse cycle which works well for me. I've experimented with different dosages and seems no matter what I've tried the strength gains are awesome. The only thing I run between cycles is protein, creatine, and occassionally NO2 with very little strength lost between cycles. And to those of you flamers I always run on cycle support and PCT...plenty of proviron,nolva, etc. on hand just in case and a slew of OTC which mostly does the trick, and at my age I have to get blood work annually, and so far so good. So, unfortunately I am about to run my final cycle unless I want to spend 100 a bottle on ebay.

Sorry for the life story, but the question is...is there anything easily obtainable and reasonably priced out there right now that is comperable? I'm a little out of touch, but looking for something that works well without nasty sides. For example, I once ran BDL Testenate50 which had nice gains but was just aweful. Can't really explain...just made me feel like crap and I couldn't wait for it to be gone.

Thanks for listening and thanks for any info!