First Epistane cycle.

  1. First Epistane cycle.

    Hi guys Im a newbie, so go easy!!

    I am 31 years old. I've just ordered a bottle of epi and im planning on taking around 30mg per day for 4 weeks. Im searching the web for a decent serm to go with it and I have found some Tamoxifen(generic) by Genox(anyone heard of these guys). Genox seam legit by the limited reviews I can find on the company, has anyone tried these? I live in the UK so its difficult to purchace(if anyone knows of a more trustworthy pharma to order from please let me know). I have already searched around 5 places to by generic nolvadex and Genox seam to be the most favourable at this point.

    I have run PH cycles before. I had an unfortunate experience with one in 2007, which stopped me from using ph's again until now. This was oxodrol by IDS, basically a SD clone. they were 12mg tabs. I started 1 a day for the first week and by the forth i was on three a day. This was the reccomended dose on the pack and also reccomended on various sites i explored. I used liver supports whilst on it and ceased alcohol as its heavely methylated. Basically my mistake was using oxo-6 as PCT with a trib test boost. I had read loads of good reviews on oxo-6 and i really did want to go down the legal legit route for moral reasons(more fool me). To cut a long story short I ended up with gynocasmastia in my left tit. It started very small(the size of a grain of rice) then ended up growing to around 2cm in diameter(a hard mass surrounded by softer breast tissue). Painful to. I do kick boxing and getting a slap in the gyno is no joke. Anyways last week I finally got the bugger cut out, its only been a week and im still recovering(no weights for a couple of weeks at least i reakon). Anyway I know it was my own fault, i should have braved a serm, but im writting this for others to read about the risks of messing up your PCT, im gonna be scarred for life now(not badly, but still not desirable).

    I have chosen epistaine as my drug of choice as by what my research has lead me to believe, it has less chance of converting to estrogen whilst on cycle, and infact claims to have anti estrogen effects. Some claim it may reduce gyno, but lets be honest supplement companies make many claims! However there does seam to be research to suggest it does have anti estrogen effects(not that that would reduce hardened gyno in itself). Basically I want to run a safe as possible cycle and limit my chances of gyno to a bare minimum, so I suppose the advice im asking you is wether you think epistane is a good choice of pro steroid at a rate of 30mg a day, run along side cycle supports for liver and blood presure, then after the 4 week cycle to start the Genox(tamoxifen) at a rate of 40/30/20/20 or even 40/30/20/10 obviously over a period of 4 weeks too. Do you think thats over kill on the PCT(as im aware of the potential for sides from nolva too).

    Jeees, I never intended for my post to be this long!! sorry but AM seams to have the best reputation for experienced users. so I best make the most of it!

    Lastly, would you reccomend I run an anti estrogen alongside my cycle(again maybe nolva, or maybe even the otc ant estro novedex xt) or do you guys believe the claims epistane is anti estrogenic in itself as a compound, thus anti estrogen support would not be required during on-cycle. Novedex xt looks to have good natural test boosting affects so maybe I should by a bottle to run alongside with my Genox PCT??

    I'd really appreiciate your input guys. Cheers.

    In summery

    Epistane-4 weeks 30mg(maybe I'll gradually increase the dose in the first week from 10mg to 30, then 30 from there on).
    Then on completion of steroid- Genox(tamoxifen) 40/30/20/20 or 40/30/20/10 with maybe novedex xt as a test booster along side the PCT.

    During all of this period, i will continue my diet as its always been good, but with an increase of cals but no more than 3500 a day(as I tend to put on fat after that). I eat plenty of protein, and dont really use supps to make up for whole foods. I Enjoy food enough to get enough nutrients from that alone I feel.

    I weigh Around 172 pounds(i think, im british!! so in our world thats just over 12stone) Im around 10-12&bf and I carry my fat very globally, I look lean, with abs showing(not ripped, but noticeable) and I have a 42inch chest with just under 15 inch arms, 31 inch waste and im 6 ft. Ive always been blessed with full bellys on my muscle groups. I hoping the Epistain will get me in fantastic shape. I dont want to be a huge lumper of a body boy, I value a lean physique for speed and agility due to my chosen sports. I wouldnt want go above 13 stone(which I think is maybe 185pounds ish, pardon my crap knowlege of poundages!!) To be honest, i dont care if I stay arount the 12 and a half mark, but I would like to be more ripped and strong
    My Blood presure tends to be on the lower side of normal(according to the docs) and my resting HR is between 35 and 45. I have Liver function tests now and again and I have my next one in may. May is when I intend on starting my cycle because as I say Im recovering from a gyno op so im going train myself back to my personal bests at least before I dabble with the epistain.

    Over the years I have tried many training protocals including mike mentzers HIT, john littles maxcontraction, 5x5 pulse training and more traditional 3 sets of upto 10 reps for each body part split over 3 times per week(different body parts). The latter is what I tend to do these days, though I must admit sometimes im only lifting twice a week as I tend to do alot of running, cycling and kick boxing.

    Do you guys think maybe this is the right choice of compound and PCT for me to achieve my goals?

    KInd regards

  2. Wrong forum. Anabolics or PCT. Don't post non-OTC SERMs here please.

    Did epi/Havoc survive the FDA ban?

    UKStrength is the person to contact and will give you all the info you need alot based around Primordial Performance gear. You look fine a standard epi run is 10->40 in 4 weeks. You also need cortisol control, again UKSt will help, or else Xlean from IBE (never used it however).

    I live in the UK as well - life ain't as hard as you believe and no PH has been banned here.

    We can recommend the AI however and I'd go formestane. UKStr will recommend Sustain Alpha and tell you where to buy it in the UK (I'm not sure if I can post the link).

    You need medical support - go to your GP - because you sound prone ot gyno. I don't know if Sustain Alpha can be combined with a SERM normally it is used in place of a SERM. Basically your big problem here will be estrogen rebound post epi.

  3. Yeah, just mannaged to get hold of a bottle as it goes.

    Would you say run the AI during and after cycle or just after? I may pick up a bottle anyway. I will research formestan. I was hoping novedex xt would act in this fasion(any experience?)? But by what I read there are no proven AI effects.

    I did read about Xlean IBE, and i will be fully supporting my cycle with appropriate support supps.

    Not so sure im prone to gyno(maybe a tad in denial) I never experienced any problems on 1-T or Norandro. It wasnt until a ballsed up the SD cycle with a oxo-6. I got heavy shut down and took weeks to recover and thus started turning into a woman in the mean time. All That said, I have got an open minded doc, so it wont be any harm to get my blood work checked. I do monitor my own bp ect.

    LIke I said im taking my time with this cycle, i want to get it spot on. So may is the target month.

  4. Really one for PCT ...

    Run the AI after the cycle for certain with Epi. No question.

    For timing of the AI again its PCT forum because this is all about staggering the SERM against the AI.

    I'll draw my contribution to a close.

  5. Thank you.



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