stack thoughts?

  1. stack thoughts?

    thinking about running mstack,prime, animal cuts... i will also use all the essentials, but i am just wondering if anyone has suggestion or inputs on this stack. I dont want to do over kill on my heart so i might not run a preworkout.

  2. well prime is hit and miss for people so i could see swapping that for something people really like like a testofen prouct, maybe PhytoTestosterone or Testopro, Mstak is decent but much much cheaper to sip BCAA during training because if you go with phytotest youll get the Methoxy from it instead of Mstak, cuts is a good one tho,

    YOUR STACK wil only last 1 month

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    Delete USP014 USPlabs Prime, 120 Capsules In Stock $49.95 $49.95
    Delete UNIV109 Universal Animal Cuts, 42 Paks In Stock $29.99 Subtotal:
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    mY SUGGESTION will last you longer due to the 90serv Xtend!
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    Delete Item Animal Cuts (42 packs) Animal Cuts (42 packs)
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    Delete Item Phyto Testosterone (120 caps) Phyto Testosterone (120 caps)
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  3. biggest difference being that 90serv will last you a long time and on top of that more effective and LESS PILLS

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