7,8 benzoflavone

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by LAC View Post
    I also called Custom Capsule. They still have it in stock. Would you recommend buying from them?
    If they will sell it to you in bulk then most definitely get it.
    they have always gotten my orders correct.

  2. Smile

    Hi There. I am a professional sales, I sell those bulk quantity products to manufacturers. I do sell 7,8- Benzoflavone in bulk too.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by neuropharm View Post
    I wonder why Sustain Alpha doesn't have much of an estrogen lowering effect then? I'm not knocking the product, it's a decent libido/mood booster and seems to make my testicles a little more plump, but it doesn't necessarily dry me out or make me shed water weight like stronger AI's (ATD, 6-bromo, 6-OXO), etc.
    IMO This is a good thing and here's why.

    If you run a compound like SD or Epi, they have AI effects already (ESPECIALLY Epi).
    Say you run Epi for 4 weeks, followed by a strong AI for 4 weeks. Thats 8 weeks of estrogen suppression going on there.

    The point of PCT is to restore your bodys natural balance of hormones AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE. Using a strong AI in PCT is counterproductive to this goal, when a SERM will counteract any negative sides excess estrogen might have. Simply put, if your using a SERM, there is no need to use a strong AI, unless your bloated or whatever. Technically speaking a SERM will negate any negative sides excess estrogen may have.

    That's why I LOVED Sustain Alpha. Not only can you run it during PCT, but it's a great ON cycle product as well, especially when you get into the weeks 5-6 and your libido starts going down the tubes. It's almost like an OTC HCG.

    But, my PH days are over with.



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