First off I just want everyone to know I’m somewhat of a newbie to this forum. Been lifting/cadio (5xwk lift-3xwk cardio) for the past year and scene some considerable results (went from 215 to 168 and maintain at 178) from various stacks I have put together.
I started out with purchases from MaxMuscle but notice they are a bit on the expensive side compared to some of the other online stores. Its knowing what your looking for…that’s the hard part. That’s where you guys come in…

I have used MaxMuscle CLA brand for some time and like the results but open for another brand if it works (PrimaForce sux). Been using EFA for the past year too and I’ll stick with that too. Throw in ON 100% WHEY, ON Micronized Creatine Powder and ON Glutamine.

I’m shooting for a size and cut program for the next 90 cycle I am approaching (March 15th thru May 15th). With that being said I need opinions on what supplements to include. This is what I’m thinking to get there:
ON 100% Whey Protein – 4 scoops/day
ON Glutamin – 5g/day
ON Creatine – 5g/day
CLA – 3 pills/day
EFA – 2 pills/day
EPI – Need help on which to take (used MaxMuscle version before w/ great results but its $85/bottle and last about 6 weeks @ 3 pills/day)
AL Hemodraulix
IronMagLabs 1-Andro
AL Smash Fully Loaded

Again please remember I’m new to the lingo so speaking in acronyms is a little over my head lol . Thanks guys I appreciate the help.

I wanted to add that when I used the MaxMuscle EPI I saw an increase of about 8-10lbs of muscle and was also using their Anabolic Cuts Supp. I was amazed at the definition and size I was getting. Also saw about 25# increase on bench w/ out fatigue. So I'm shooting for something like that again but w/out the let down of size and strength when I go off the cycle in late May. Really would like to keep it through summer. Thoghts?