methyl Vol by est good starting Ph?

  1. methyl Vol by est good starting Ph?

    hey guys,
    been doing a lot of research and just wanted your opinions and feedback on what you guys wld think of running the est methylvol at a 1-2 pill dosage.
    what something fairly safe with minial sides. also if i did say 1 or 2 pills a day wld something like a novadex or a formadrol be sufficent pct?

    i know the active ingredient is
    2-alpha-17 alpha-dimethyl-5 alpha-androst-3-one Which is 10mg alone.
    even if i did 20mg tops for 4-6weeks a what kinda results or sides you think i could get and will a good otc pct be ok...

    go easy on me if these are noob questions, ive tried to read nomenclatures and etc little confused sorry..

    if this is a bunk product heres what im kinda looking for..
    i want something that will be fairly effective but SAFE. also something that i could use an otc pct as well. i know of the trifecta stack is onebut i just wanted sotin else or other ideas. as far as gains i want dry gains.. starting to cut, im not looking for like a product that will give me 15lbs a muscle a month but something descent. ones im interested in are like est methyl vol.. est hemadrol ( old gaspari clone) idk what you guys think could use some insight and guidance

    thank you so much

  2. you seriously need to research more. Methyl vol is a superdrol clone that is the most potent and harsh ph. and no OTC PCT isnt gonna cut it, formadrol and Gaspari novedex wont work. U would need a serm. but how old are you?

  3. im 23 and ok well point me in the right directions what would you recomend then

  4. what kinda compounds w.e should i look into instead of telling me how dumb i am what should i research on.... where can u get stronger pct then?

  5. Bro this site is filled with how to run PCT, and for a first cycle you need to be looking at things like Epi, Hdrol, 1-ad, 4-ad ETC. mild compounds. And what are you talking about by stronger PCT? the base of PCT is a SERM like i stated previously

  6. and 6 weeks of supedrol is about the worst thing you could do. please read up on PCT, support supplements and such. look through logs to get an idea or search stupid peoples guide to pct

  7. let me point you in the right direction for PCT. support supplements are a given, IE blood pressure, Liver, prostate, ETC.


    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT
    SERM + P.C.T Guide

    Now please, anyone is free to discuss this and tell me I've totally got it wrong or need to add something. Now with that said:

    Bloodwork! I cannot / we cannot say this enough that it is highly recommended to get bloodwork so you know how to run your PCT and WHAT you need to run on your PCT.

    1. SERM - Torem, Ralox, Nolvadex etc

    Example Torem Dosing: - As per Interlocutor
    Day 1-5 = 120mg Torm
    Day 6-21 = 60mg Torm
    Day 22-28 = 30mg Torm

    You should monitor this carefully and will most likely bounce back rather quickly with this SERM as per reports given by experienced users on the board. Please someone let me know if this is overkill for Torem

    Example Nolva Dosing:
    Wk1: 40,40,40,20,20,20,20
    Wk2: 20mg everyday
    Wk3: 10mg everyday
    Wk4: 10mg everyday

    I am not sure why anyone would go above these dosages, as per Dinoii, as the large body of studies / material backs up dosages no more than 40mg and mainly focuses on 20mg / 10mg dosage schemes. More is not better

    2. Cycle Support - Cycle Support(Highly Recommended), Liver Longer, Perfect Cycle, Liv52, NAC, SAMe.

    3. AI - Formestane(Highly Recommended), 6-OXO / Androstenetrione.

    4. Anti-Cort - X-Lean, Retain 2, Lean Xtreme, 11-OxO, Abliderate (8oz), B-Androstenetriol

    5. Test Booster - Good reviews or I have used: Sustain Alpha(Recommended), Drive, T-Force, Activate(original).

  8. thanks alot will be doing lots of reading man thanks again... hard question i know you can still fins some halodrol h-50 floating around etc.. but obviously you cant find a nolvadex chilling around the internet... that would seem to be the tough part

  9. i prefer clomid over nolva for SERM but thats just my personal experience with the two. nolva is better for gyno protection since it binds to breast tissue more then clomi. but clomid will get natty test up a little bit faster IMO. and ive never had sides from clomid but thats me .

  10. I will admit that Methyl Vol's product description is deceiving: "Testosterone + Nitric Oxide + ATP Production = METHYL VOL." Plus, it is advertised as a safe, FDA approved, and not stressful on the liver... It is not until you carefully examine the ingredient profile do you realize the compound is in fact SD.

    Personally, I'm glad that gymboyjb717 asked about the product rather posting a thread week six of his cycle asking for help due to the severity of his sides.

  11. Wrong section but solid answer by Greg.

    Very worrying if Superdrol is been passed as "safe" "FDA approved", makes it look harmless. At least PP have launched a potent liver formula with their SD.

  12. Oops sorry if i posted in the wrong section.


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