My new stack..

  1. Smile My new stack..

    I will be currently running running a stack by , a l r i ........
    Evo stak.. and the Tri Lean sytem stack as well, i will be running it together and to currently drop my current weight from 215 area lil less, to about 205 solid

    Current Supps..
    No Xplode NT (love it)
    BSN Epozine nt
    Calcium- Mag- Zinc
    Super Aminos 1,500 mg
    Oxy Elite Pro
    Creatine Mono
    and Casien Protein

    and trying to finish my Animal Omegas and Flex

    Now as i wait for the shipment

    Think this would be a soild run, i have been reading alot and many said to run the evo and Tri together following there schedule..

    I may run a log about it to see how good it really is....

    any feedback is appreciated??!

  2. Thats ALOT of sups....Mainly the Eponize plus Arginine....I thought the whole point of Eponize was to dialate the blood vessels + increase RBC count.....arginine just dialates vessels....I know if u need them both....I like staying simple.....

    Protein (Hydrolyzed for Pre-Post)
    - Casein for bed/ morning
    Creatine.... Ur choice MONO seems to work best for most ppl
    PreWO I like NO Shoutgun/ Juggernaut ( they have hydrolyzed protein along with stims and arginine/creatine/ beta A)
    Supper Cissus/ or Tri-flex for joints

  3. Yea im only taking like 1 arginine with it with my meals, i must say the epozine is nice

  4. Anyone have any articles or test that show any of the new RBC stimulators actually work? i know Eponize and Dark Rage both make claims....but the only thing I know that can do this is actual EPO.....or High elevations (lol) i always thought EPO was illegal

  5. hmm never heard that i dont know i have been getting tons of compliments lately on how i look, and i dont know what supp it is..!! hahaha!

    i cant wait to start EVo and Tri lean stack though

  6. Yeah the whole point of EPOnize is to provide the benefit of Arginine (vaso-dil) combine with increased RBC production. More RBC= more O2 = better performance....Actual EPO eurythropoietin ( sp is wrong) causes this....Lance Armstrong was accused of using this for cycling..... hence the slogan EPO Lance...... But I dont know of any herbs or sups that actually increase RBC production except EPO....not saying there arent any...i just dont know im interested in actual studies....

  7. interesting did not really realize that, But ehh love it might by another bottle.

  8. Back to my original question

    anyone try The evo stack before??


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