Tri methly x

  1. Tri methly x

    Whats up everyone, im a new member on this site and i would like to get some feed back on this product. Im currently ending my second month of the finaflex 550 xd cycle i did which was my first time using any prohormone and wow. Im starting my pct in 2 days and a week later im going to start my bottle of hgh up. after that i would like to get into my cycle of tri methyl x which im going to run a liv support along with a estrogen blocker followed by a pct, or im just going to run a dmz 1 stack along with winabol to start cutting.

  2. And as far as my cycle of finaflex goes, ive gained 18 pounds with minimal sides which were joint pains and lower back pains which was back pump. the boys stayed the same and i didnt noticed a change in my sex drive. im also 21 turning 22 in april.

  3. what type of PCT did you run after the finaflex? I am getting ready to start my cycle next week...have everything in place...just curious. Thanks.

  4. i used there revolution pct. thats all you need. make sure you eat a lot and take a lot of protein.

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