PH help

  1. PH help

    Ok i've tried Tokyo test stacked with tren..dint see anything impressive i have been researching new ph and looking for a legit Superdrol or original halodrol or clone can anyone help me out. What Phs are legit

  2. Never had any issues with IBE epistane
    or any Competitive Edge Labs Mdrol, estane.... dispite what people say.

    Also Purus Labs Halovar and M14-E are out of this f'ing world

  3. An m-drol/epi bridge would be great! That is, if you get a decent bottle of m-drol.

  4. What brand do you suggest for m-drol

  5. Competitive Edge Labs

  6. right here man

    best Superdrol PH

    best h-drol clone

    m-drol by CEL has a bunch of bunk batches going around so i would stay away from that. Also PP LV is better absorbed

  7. Not to knock CEL they are legit products. But i would check into Primordial Performace. They just came out with a new superdrone if you can get one (1200 bottle run). They also just released a h-drol called Turinabol-LV. But if you've only done one PH before i would start of with there 1-T. Just make sure your diet is in check. Your not gonna gain on a PH unless the calories are up there. I gained 10 pounds and lost fat, in 3 weeks on the 1-T, and have a week left of PCT and am only down 2 Pounds. Gonna be doing a superdrone stack myself in June. Just make sure your add CEL cycle assist or Anabolic Inovations cycle support with the Liver Jucie LV. for the BP and cholesterol protection.

  8. looks like we are on the same page here. CEL is a good product , but yeah hearing about those bad batches kinda makes you take a step back


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