I've went through alot of posts this past week on what to do after my fat loss stack of USP Labs OEP + Recreate + A-Pump. I love the stack and the energy from it. I am sittin at around 11.4%bf & 184 lbs at 6 foot. That comes from being 267 lbs back in high school and it is 7 yrs later and feel great. I just don't know what stack to move next...

I've been looking at the: hghUP + Testopro + Prime. Also been lookin at the Kre-Alkalyn & Beta-Alanine products too. What should I be pushin towards for a lean bulk build?

WORKOUT in a nutshell

I do 5 days of core workout. Usually fits in as Chest, Legs, Arms, Back, & then Shoulders in no specific order. I spend about 1.5 hrs in the gym as a core workout and in the morning I do my cardio & abs. 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio with about 250-300 reps of different abs workouts.

I take in about 210 grams of protein through egg white shake w/ peanut butter; scrambled egg whites; fruit & oatmeal; baked chicken breast w/ a veggie side; protein shake; & then dinner with more chicken/beef & rice or veggie.

Any help would be appreciated so I spend money the right way. Just feels like I hit a plateau at 25 years old and wanna fill out my loose skin and pack on some muscle!