Do I need to cycle it?

  1. Do I need to cycle it?

    I've been on ARLI's Restore for 2 weeks taking 3 pills a day for a mild cut (my first ever cut, since I've always been bulking). So far no complains, no sides, I've sheed some weight but my strength not only has stayed the same as it has increased - in the end I'm happy with it. I have about 2 or 3 more weeks to go so I've a question: should I stay away from any AI and Anti-cortisol for the same time I was on or can I keep on taking an Anti-cortisol? And if I should cycle, how can I boost my testosterone and reduce my cortisol?

  2. Hello anyone?

  3. Just about all supps with the exception of very few should be cycled.
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  4. Yes I know we should cycle almost all supplements we take, but I was talking about not passing from taking 6-bromo (AI) and MbAET (anti-cortisol) to taking another supplement with these two, but for Lean Xtreme, wich contains two powerfull anti-cortisol 5-AT and 7-OH. So should I wait the same time I've stayed on Restore to go to Lean Xtreme or can I jump already to this one?



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