Serious Mass Digestion Time

  1. Serious Mass Digestion Time

    Ive been looking all over the place to find anyone that knew how long it took for weightgainers like Serious Mass to digest.

    I like to eat a real food meal an hour after lifting (WO = hour), so Im trying to which of these three ways would work best to use Serious Mass as a Pre/Post WO:

    1. Scoop before (ie 2 hours to digest)

    2. Scoop after (1 hour to digest)

    3. Half Scoop before, Half Scoop after

    Im taking this scoop with a scoop of whey so its about 2g fat, 125g carbs and almost 50g Protein.

    Anyone who knows how long it take the body to digest something like serious mass that would help me out, Id appreciate it.

  2. one scoop pre, one scoop post. try it for a week. you should net a couple extra reps per set following this dosing schedule. not entirely sure about digestion times, i did that dosing schedule 30 minutes before workout, and the second scoop 15 minutes after workout.

  3. Thanks Suncloud. Thats pretty much what Ive been doing the past few days to get started with this, but after using WMS and aminos during and WMS and whey after a WO, this stuff doesnt do **** as far as energy and extra reps.

    Anyone else got an idea for digestion time? I use this as a meal replacement too and need to know how long it can keep me anabolic before I need more food

  4. everyone is different dude, its all about experimentation...... play around with it and im sure youll figure something out.

  5. well, you should have gotten those increases from the WMS + protein pre and post workout. there's really nothing magic in serious mass that would overcome basic nutrition. if you have WMS + protein, there's not much difference.

    i like it only because its cheap, and doesn't taste chalky like the WMS does. also the protein to carb ratio agrees with me.



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