epithin-e from generic labz

  1. epithin-e from generic labz

    I'm gunna start a cycle of this starting at 2 pills, working my way to 3 pills a day. Any body else take this stuff? How much mass did ya gain and what did ya'll gain on your lifts? I took halotest-25 and it didn't do **** for me, but I heard this stuff is pretty legit? Any input?

  2. Anybody? or any luck with an epi product with these ingredients?

  3. Have YOU learned anything about epi in the past 2 weeks? Come on, do some work here, we cant do it for you. Get on the Anabolics section and research.

    Do you know that this is a steroid? It is methylated so it affects your liver, it causes your natural test to shut down.

    Yes, it is a good product but it requires you to understand what you are taking and how to run a proper cycle and PCT.

    Do some research: Neoborn's Epistane FAQ - Q and A baby!
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  4. ha...you dont think i've did research on it, and yes I know its methylated....I do know what a prohormone is boss, I was just asking if anybody had any input on it....I didn't need a lecture on what it was, just if anybody had any luck with it and the results..

  5. its not a prohormone, its a straight up steroid... and it works. but you seem to just hear what you want to hear.

    If you didnt gain anything from H-drol, you probably didnt have your diet and training in check, and in that case nothing will help you.

  6. Thought it was banned? Hdrol .. zip? Geee.

    I dunno why PH/oral steriods threads are suddenly appearing here and they're boring threads.


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