Anabolic Slim SX

  1. Anabolic Slim SX

    Totally new to site, been doing weights for about a year but no joy with weight loss.
    Managed to get my hands on slim sx even though I know it has been withdrawn I still need some info on it.
    Its my choice to take it so no snyde comments please!!
    Has anyone taken it in the past and can give me some info on its effects (nothing bad so far). I have had no appetite suppression but I have a brilliant mood for about 10hrs. I basically need to know how long it takes to see any results, does your body get used to it? is it supposed to give you more useable energy ie for lifting etc.
    Any help please

    Cheers guys

  2. I took it for about three to four weeks. Great product (wish i could get ahold of some myself). It took about two weeks to see any noticeable results. But i had to make myself eat. I normally eat every three to four hours max, and would go six to eight and forget to eat. The only bad side i got was Thrush. My mouth was extremely dry the whole time and my tounge eventually got lie bumps (or sore tastebuds or whatever you call them). great product though. Just be careful to eat enough and make sure to drink some protein shakes throughout the day so you wont lose too much muscle. I lost probably 15 pounds or so in a month, too much too quick and am just now getting my mucle back from it!

  3. And i forgot about the insomnia, but i dont really think it was that bad because i slept about four hours and got up took two more and was good to go for another 20 hours. But i work 12 hour swing shifts so i am used to not getting much sleep!

  4. Thanks for that, my problem is im still hungry most of the time but especially at night. The insomnia only lasted for about two nights, I am however only taking one tablet in the morning. Maybe I should take two or buy the booster and take one of those aswell. Taking creatine aswell plus lean fx with them. Have the dry mouth but that dosnt bother me much I just drink more water.
    Did you hit a low about 10 to 12 hours after taiking it?
    It also says on the packet not to take for longer than 45 days, I have read some posts from people saying that they were on it for more than 2 months, not sure if this is ok though.
    I phoned the company that sold it to me and they assure me it is safe (I know they will say anthing to sell stuff). I have to try somehting though, I have trained weights for nearly a year, the muscle is coming on nice but in areas it is covered with fat which I cant shove, not much good having muscle if you cant see it.
    Thanks for your info anyway

  5. It was pulled off the market for containing 2DMP( a cardio-toxic agent) similar to that of cocaine. My suggestion to be careful with it.
    doing my own thang!

  6. No I never hit a low at all, but i was taking two a day. I would work third for 12 hours take two pills around five pm and be good to go until about 12 or 1 the next day. The stuff was awesome! The dry mouth did not bother me so much it was when my tounge broke out that really freaked me out and it was hard to eat or drink anything.

    It took about a week or so to start curbing my hunger so stick with it and see what happens.

    Like the last poster said be careful with it. If you have and pre-existing heart or breathing problems i would honestly drop it immediatly and do not take any other stims with it also. Not trying to talk you out of it just making sure you have an idea of what you are taking.

  7. if it is what i heard it is, it can quickly degenerate your heart, its was originally used to treat cocaine patients until they found out how cardiotoxic it is.

    just dont do it

    take something safer like ECA.
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  8. Thanks for all your replies guys, will be going to my local supp shop tomorrow (UK) time and maybe will look for something else. I will keep the bottle though just in case.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by nickywake View Post
    Totally new to site, been doing weights for about a year but no joy with weight loss.
    Managed to get my hands on slim sx even though I know it has been withdrawn I still need some info on it.

    Cheers guys
    Copied from the Doc.


    Whoever wants his brain cells killed is highly welcome to purchase this product that is apparently spiked with an illegal designer drug. Because of that, the company that originally formulated and sold SX (Anabolic Xtreme) got kicked with their entire product line from the store.

    what is most disturbing is that dutch party pill producers DROPPED this designer stimulant because it caused too much nasty adverse effects (cardial problems, psychical problems) in their clients.

    Now, this is the irony of the supp market: your local drug dealer cares more about your health than a supplement company.

    Whoever purchases this product despite being informed on what is going on is a prime candidate for the Darwin Awards.

    Cheers! "

  10. Yep, as I said that was my choice.
    We can all have our opinions and we all make our own choices.
    Im not totally stupid, I have a brain and totally intend to keep it thanks.
    I did say that I would be going back to my local supps shop and finding something different.
    Thanks for your opinion anyway


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