CEL E-stane Capsule Questions

  1. Question CEL E-stane Capsule Questions

    I am about to start week 2 of my 4 week 30/30/30/30 cycle of e-stane. I have a few questions about the compound that would possibly increase the overall effects for me.

    1. What is the half-life of the compound?

    2. What is the rate of metabolism? Drug absoption rate? (I know it varies from person to person but there should be a standard)

    3. What is the bioavailability of the compound?

    I not sure if there are any known answers to these questions but if someone does know that would be awesome.

    The reason i'm curious is that I have been dosing them with high fat meal and have been having to goto the bathroom like 10 minutes after finishing my meal. I want to make sure that I am getting the full effect.

    thanks, Aaron

  2. Anyone?

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