Please critique my supp stack and help with timing of carbs, BCAA's, and protein!

  1. Please critique my supp stack and help with timing of carbs, BCAA's, and protein!

    Hey y'all. I'm a member at a few other boards, but not really getting the info i need. A friend recommended this board, and i must say, there is a TON of useful info here. K, few questions for ya...I'm an athlete at 6'10" 285-290lbs(depedning on the day) 14-16%bf at the moment. Trying to get down to 265 and under 10%bf. I train hard twice/day, 5 days a week. Heres what my pre and intra drinks look like:

    Pre morning workout drink( morning wrokout is on empty stomach. Usually consists of 30 min cardio, followed by plyometrics or speed training exercises)-

    9.5g Leucine
    2.25g Iso-L
    2.25g Valine
    5g Gultamine
    3g Citrulline Malate
    1.5g Beta Alanine

    Post workout(with gatorade)-
    9.5g Leucine
    2.25 Iso
    2.25 Valine
    5g Glutamine
    3g Citrulline Malate
    3g Beta Alanine(so pretty much just threw in another 1.5g of beta because its absorbed faster and in greater amounts with carbs and i dont take in carbs pre cardio)

    I plan on taking the same pre and post weight training in the evening. I have had a huge problem with fatigue, which is why im implementing the BCAA's, Citrulline, and Beta Al...along with the fact that i need to perform and rcover at high levels on limited calories(since i'm cutting). My first question is, does this look ok for someone at my size and burning as many cals as i do(i burn approx 4-5k per day)? Second question is,well, a series of questions. I'm limiting my carbs...and I've heard that Protein, Beta and BCAA's are better absorbed with carbs. I'm willing to take in the carbs...just not sure of when to take them in for ideal energy and absorption. Right now i'm taking in carbs postworkout in the morning(gatorade), pre(whey shake with oats) & post weight training(gatorade). What is an ideal amount of sugar(simple carbs)to be taking in postworkout? Also, I know I need to take my protein shake with simple carbs after a workout as well....but heard beta, bcaa's, and citrulline are better absorbed on an empty stomach. Any suggestions on what i should change up with the supps, when i should take in carbs(for better absorption), and when to take my pre and post workout shakes around these Supps? Thanks!

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