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  1. LG Sciences Trifecta Stack

    First off, my bad if this is supposed to be in the anabolics section, I wasn't sure if it should be given the nature of the products. I've been looking into the Trifecta Stack from LG Sciences and doing tons of research on it. I've never taken anything hormonal, only natural stuff like Prime, TestoPro, and HGHUp, among other things. It seems like the Trifecta would be a good first cycle to do, given that it's very mild, has the PCT included, and doesn't require support during it for liver / blood pressure / etc. (if I'm wrong on any of this please let me know). Throughout my research, I've seens tons of opinions ranging from one extreme to the other - some say it's a waste of money, while others say it's great and they made very nice gains with it. It seems like some of the dislike for it is because it is such a mild product and not a true prohormone. I don't have unrealistic expectations for it - it isn't Superdrol / H-Drol / etc. and I don't expect to put on 15-20 pounds with it. Gaining five to seven pounds of lean muscle while dropping a few pounds of body fat would be great.

    In this thread, I'd just like to hear the opinions (good, bad, or whatever) of anyone knowlegable about the product who would like to contribute. If you had a good or bad experience with it, observations on side effects, if more PCT is needed, if there is a better first cycle to ease into, whatever, just share it. Thanks in advance.

  2. You will find the results are better if you use T-911 also. It did not do a lot for me but with T-911 I was able to have more agression in the gym. Keep in mind everyone is different and it works well for many. Also look into some GHenerate while on the cycle! You might find some better responses in the LG forum as Eric and others will give you all of the detailed info on the stack and the best way to do it. To get an idea of my supplement effects, SuperPump250 did nothing for me. No sides were felt with this stack when I tried it. I don't know if you have seen this log yet but you should read up on it for some input; Recomping with LG's Trifecta! (NON-SPON) .....

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