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  1. NO explode

    Some of my buddies were telling me about this. Is this good to drink before a work out?

  2. Theres better options out there because its relatively over priced and not really the best bang for your buck. Its a decent product for begginers and if you already have it then its fine but with pre workouts its also whatever works best for you because one thing may not work good for someone but work great for you. A few notables are jack3d, RagNOrak ultra, PreMax, White Flood, Ultima look into some there all better then No Xplode.

  3. Overpriced like jumpshot903 said. If you have the money though you might as well go big and get something like Pump Fuel. As far as No Xplode.. it tasted like crap to me, but it did its job. I would recommend jack3d though.

  4. I think jacked is kind of made for people who are burned out after useing PW's for years. It might be a little strong if you have a low stim tolerance. I hope someone can comment further on this.

  5. ^^^ what makes you feel it is for people who are burnt out? Just curious

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kingdong View Post
    I think jacked is kind of made for people who are burned out after useing PW's for years. It might be a little strong if you have a low stim tolerance. I hope someone can comment further on this.
    people who's receptors were truly burnt out from over using stimulants more than likely would not feel the effects of jack3d anyway, no matter how strong it is. i personally have been using preWO drinks for quite a few years now and i still feel the effects of jack3d with every use. to each his own, thats why the product instructions encourage users to consume anywhere from .5-3 scoops, its all about preference...

  7. I'm using Jack3d right now and it's easily the best pre workout I've ever used. NO explode was good to but I prefer the jack3d.

  8. my list in order.. no xplode = Over priced and not very good!

    Ragnarok Ultra MST none Caff..
    Assault Muscle pharm
    Animal Pump
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success

  9. Jack3d can be taken different ways you can get the crack head feeling from like 3 scoops (atleast for me) Or get a nice strong energy with good focus from 1-1.5 its all about dosing but the new Tropical Fruit Punch easily makes it the best PWO in my book and i hated the lemon flavor.

  10. i really like n.o shotgun. not only do you get a **** load of energy but you get protein too!

  11. if i take a pre workout, i only take the original n.o. shotgun.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  12. NO-Xplode is over rated and in my opinion has too much of fillers to make you feel like you are getting a big scoop of pure whoop ass. It seems many people in the gym talk it up because of they are GNC animals and do not know what is available out there. SuperPump250 is also another crap pre-workout in my opinion. For the price of Jack3d right now you would be best to try that out! If you have a low tolerance you have 45 workouts worth for under $25! I have not tried Jack3d yet but it is talked by MANY people who have tried MANY pre-workouts including NO-Xplode (the name is fitting as you definately will not xplode using it as it sucks.) Jumpshot is correct in the supplements you should try over your choice!

  13. Without fail after 30mins of consuming it have to do a ****. Never use it again

  14. I started taking NO-xplode after three years on a caffein free diet. It actually was pretty awsome and I never had results like that from another preworkout(I'm actually done with them at this point). If your a caffein drinker, then it's probably not the drink for you, but if you have a low caffein tolerance, then I still beleive it is a good starting point.

    Also, it's ingrediants might not be the best, but at least you are getting close to 20 grams of supplement. Other brands with 20 gram scoops are close to half carbs.

  15. IMO n.o.xplode is a bunch of horse ****. as well as all the n.o. products. they all take L-arginine and mix it with caffeine and creatine and a bunch of other stuff and say how bad ass their product is... just go buy some l-arginine, caffine, and creatine mono and save yourself getting ripped off....

    but still, just my 2c

  16. vasocor by katalyst nutraceuticals. Best pre work I have used. Has the same ingredients of jack3d plus glycoCarn and some other goodies. I found it at a local nutrishop and I haven't looked online so it might be kinda hard to get.

  17. No-Xplod for the loss
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  18. Someone Mentioned NO Shotgun earlier thats a very very solid product it doesnt get much talk around hear cause no VPX Reps but its my number 2 PWO behind jack3d right now. the 20g of protein is nice and i get great pumps from it hands down best pump product.

  19. yes man it gives me insane energy i don't want to stop working out. the pumps you get are so good.


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