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    my neighboor had asked me what kind of protein he should take because he says he losing muscle mass. he is 74 and he is diabetic(he doesnt take insulin shots) and he has pre exisiting heart conditions, hes very active likes to go fishing,building and walking. he is really fit for his age but i also noticed a decrease in his muscle mass. my question is whats a good protein for him with his medical conditions in mind.
    will rep

  2. Ehh... Thou I know it is only protein, best thing for him would be to see a nutritionist or his Dr first before hand. Again i know it is just protein, I am just saying

    MGM brand Protein maybe something to look into
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. I would say that a slower digesting one would be better for someone whos not really lifting weights, but I will also say that the guy above me has the definitive answer.

  4. thanks guys i will deffiantly recommend the doctors appt.

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