1. Exclamation CAN I HAS GAINS?

    im not responding to my old bulk creatine anymore.... is ther any other supplement anyone recommends to add some inches?

  2. switch from Mono to CEE or something else. stack a test booster with green mag or something of that nature; and i think you meant "can i HAVE gains" lol
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  3. I reccomend magnesium creatine chelate
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    I reccomend magnesium creatine chelate
    MCC plus some beta alanine should do the trick. If you want to add something else pick up a preworkout product or a test booster.

  5. im only 17 so im not gonna mess with test boosters... Just got green mag yesterday... planning on taking that pre... then mono post 5g creatine each scoop... so 10g together... and on off days just take 10g mono split into to scoops of 5g

  6. You're 17... dude just eat! lol no need to OD on creatine.

  7. BAM!! I said....


    1. Eat CLEAN
    2. Train Hard
    3. Learn
    4. Supplements with the staples

  8. Actually eating alot does help alot... i was at 6ft 1 and weighed 177lbs.... now im at 199-200lbs im eating alot more but im still interested in supps

  9. Green Mag is great. Only creatine I've really responded to.

  10. Di Creatine Malate has treated me very well
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  11. You CAN has gains!

    Eat more, but don't worry too much about what you're eating. If you're 17 and active, you can live off of junkfood garbage and still put on quality weight. During track season I ate several cheezeburgers a day and still lost bodyfat.


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