When do high dose fish oil sliders stop

  1. When do high dose fish oil sliders stop

    Ok I started dosing my fish oils higher like I have read in many places. Now I am probably one of the most frequent people when it comes to takin a crap, pretty much like clock work 3-5 times a day. I know you love all the details. But now that I have dosed fish oil higher it is like a rush to the toilet. I am taking them with my meals which I read would help, but just wondering if this will subside. there has been no change in my diet, just in the urgency that I need to get to the toilet

  2. How many grams do you take perserving? also consider taking lower dose multiple times a day

  3. if you jumped from 1g a day to 15g a day, that could cause it. you might want to try a week or two at a more moderate dose

  4. 3-4 grams at a time every few hours

  5. I've been doing 20g a day and everything about me has gone thru the roof....
    Recovery, no joint pains, nice all day energy, fat loss, great mood, muscle gain, and also I'm not sure if it's from the FO but I have also been getting a lot of new veins.

    Like Easy said....Progressively upping the dose may help.

  6. My guess might be your fiber intake.

  7. I eat a ton of fiber


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