Would this stack be safe?

  1. Would this stack be safe?

    Or would I be getting too much of something?

    Truemass in the morning with Animal Pak and Fish Oil
    No Xplode mixed with 5g of Creatine Mono Before WO
    Protein Shake After WO
    Animal Pak before bed.

  2. sounds fine

  3. would I be able to take a protein shake before my wo even though i would be doing the no xplode?

  4. 1.5-2hrs pre-workout have the shake, 30-45min pre workout take the no xplode
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  5. Take your animal pak with your largest meal. That way you increase the uptake of the vitamins.

    Imo you should be fine with just taking one "pak" a day.

    The stack seems completely safe, too much caffeine in the No. Xplode though can have a few side effects as you might already know.



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