Im no expert in pro-hormones but have done a few cycles of EPI and 19 nor tren and had great results.
its been 4 months since my last EPI cycle and Im looking to do a cycle of "Transform Supplements : Forged Extreme Mass" which is a blend of:
Halodrol 20mg, Phera Plex 10mg, and Tren (Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione) 25mg : 2x daily.

Transform also sell their own brand of ATD (25mg caps) and separate PCT product which I was planning to use for my cycle support.
*Forged : PCT product info*
(its basically a few natural test boosters and Estrogen regulators as far as I can tell).

This is what I think the cycle should look like however Im just slightly confuse about how to run the ATD.

weeks 1-3
2 caps a day - Forged : Extreme mass
1 cap a day (25mg) - Forged : ATD?

weeks 4-7
2 caps a day - Forged : Post Cycle
1 cap a day (25mg) - Forged : ATD?

sorry didn't know how was best to phrase this.. so.. which option would you recommend?

1)ATD on cycle and post cycle at 25mg a day?

2)ATD on cycle and Post cycle Pulsing on/off 25mg every other day? as it is known to cause major libido issues so i'm thinking even 25mg may be too much.

3)ATD only post cycle 25mg a day? I've read in quite a few sources that the compounds in "forged: extreme mass" are not affected by aromatase so am I correct in assuming that during the cycle my estrogen levels will remain low, thus I only need it post cycle.

4)ATD only post cycle pulsing on/off 25mg every other day?

5)Or not to run the ATD at all.. transform supps do state that their post cycle is enough.. i'm just a bit skeptical.

Finally I know the best protocol is to use a genuine SERM however I do not have a ready access to anything like Nolvadex or Clomid.. so your advice would be greatly appreciated.