HGHup ooorr....?

  1. Question HGHup ooorr....?

    <---- these are my current stats, im eating as much as i can ( around 2500-3000 cals a day), atleast 170gs of Protein and I lift heavy mostly all of the time and do enoug cardio to stay lean. Im looking to weigh about atleast 170-175lbs(lean) by this summer. Am currently taking T911 and so far im happy with it but i want to try something new for my next cycle. I was looking at HGHup, IGF-2 or should i stay with Testboosters. Any Ideas???open to anything i can buy on NP. Also i already take Adam Multi and 2-3 ON Flaxseed oil gelcaps.

  2. I like both IGF-2 and HGHup. The main physical difference I note from them is that with IGF-2 I feel tired before going to sleep. HGHup doesn't make me feel tired or fall asleep, but I can sleep about half as long as usual and feel 2x better.

  3. Realistically, if you are eating as much as you can and not gaining there really isn't anything that will make that much of a difference. Plus even if you see some short term gains, if what you eat now maintains 160 then after you are done using it you will drift back down to 160. Where supplements make a difference is to some extent how much muscle vs fat you gain at a calorie surplus. So I think beyond just thinking about supplements you need to think about diet some more.

    Unless of course you have been gaining at that, then HGHUp is a nice choice to keep strength up and help some with leanness

  4. Ok thanks guys! that helps bc im also having trouble feeling rested even after I get 7 hrs sleep. Unfortunately cant do much about sleeping more bc of my schedule, if im really lucky i can get 8hrs. lol
    Easy- i've lost 10 "soft" lbs gained 13 "solid" lbs in 10 months which has me pretty psyched lol. so i'm just looking to keep gaining and avoid a plateau which i know is riiight around the corner lol.

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