psylliam husk versus most fiber sups

  1. psylliam husk versus most fiber sups

    Does psylliam husk have an advantage? Does it have a disadvantage?

  2. I like it as a pure bulking compound for digestion. It works the best for me. Plus you can get it straight with out all the fillers and bs that most fiber supps seem to come with now a days.
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  3. Like he said, more bulk results vs often times indescribable results with others

  4. I'm a little confused by what you guys mean by bulking compound.

  5. Solid mass forming, produces results lol

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ecosocialist View Post
    Solid mass forming, produces results lol
    That's pretty much it lol. It is a lot better at forming solid bulk to help with regularity then most other fiber products. Gotta love the soluble fiber, especially when compared to fad type products like Inulin and the like.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. Ditto on the bulk psyllium. It's a "bulkative" as described by some, and it really cleans the pipes out.

  8. I saw some all brand fiber packs once at 75% off clearance so I snagged 4 boxes thinking I was scoring. 40% fiber from digestion resistant malto... I was keto at the time, and needed some serious help not painting the walls of the toilet. stuff actually made it worse. Then I saw dsades colon purge protocal and tried the course psylliam husks, and after my purge just used a little every day. Stuff keeps you solid when you wouldn't be, and it keeps things moving when you eat more than you normally do.

    its be good stuff. LOL

  9. Yes it works well. I use it about twice a week and get the same result every time first thing the following morning. Suffice it to say it's a good dump.


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