difference between burning fat and burning calories

  1. difference between burning fat and burning calories

    as my winter bulk is starting to come to an end, i am wondering how to lean up or cut and still not lose alot of my gains. i was wondering if u can burn fat and only fat and not muscle and calories, i know ur gonna burn some calories off but ya

  2. excess calories are part in what causes fat. So to burn fat either here are the choices I suggest...
    1) Lower calories
    2) Take a stim/non-stim fatburner
    3) suck it up and deal with fat.

    If you diet right you won't lose muscle, just fat.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Swoldierboy View Post
    as my winter bulk is starting to come to an end
    It's November!

    Haha really though, more calories = more mass, less = less. You will lose muscle, but doing HIIT and eating properly will preserve alot. Also, take ample amounts of amino acids while cutting.

  4. i live in houston so in about a month and a half ill be cutting. we start to swim around feb lol

  5. To answer your question, it's intensity. At complete rest an RER (vCO2 / vO2, for simplicity. RER is measured at the mouth, not at the cellular level 'RQ') value of 0.70 is indicative of ~100% fat metabolism. As intensity increases, RER increases to 1.0 (100% carbohydrates). RER values can reach higher than 1.0, but that has to do with lactic acid production, carbon dioxide production (buffering), etc. Also, the more fats you eat, the higher your fat metabolism will be. As such, the more carbohydrates you eat, the higher carbohydrate metabolism will be. As time of exercise increases beyond 1.0hr a shift from carbohydrates to fats is commonly observed.

    Note that at lower intensities, a lower total caloric expenditure will take place as opposed to more moderate or vigorous exercise. In the end, it boils down to kcals in vs kcals out

  6. so is there a way to burn fat and not calories

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Swoldierboy View Post
    so is there a way to burn fat and not calories
    You're always going to burn kcals. Depending on the intensity of the exercise (genetics, and diet play a role also) will determine which substrate your body will use for ATP production. It requires about twice the amount of oxygen to metabolize one gram of fat as it does one gram of carbohydrate which is one of many reasons why carbohydrates will supply the majority of energy needed for exercise (exceptions always occur).

  8. I would develop a combination of low intensity steady state cardio and high intensity interval training, LISS and HIIT. I would do a little research about both of those, when you do LISS you need to stay at your target heart rate, when you do HIIT the bursts must be at your body's absolute max. Search these two things and you will find a wealth of knowledge. Also while cutting TONS of BCAAs or the hard earned muscle will go away.

  9. your almost always going to loose some muscle with a cut. People are right about BCAA's tho. Get some research, also don't believe anyone or anyones idea that you can turn fat into muscle.

  10. oh no i know u cant turn fat into muscle. so ur sayin when i cut take BCAAs?

  11. yup! definitely load up on BCAA during cut!

  12. i dont really wanna cut, just wanna lose the gut lol i have gained good size in my back and chest and arms, basically everywhere and i dont wanna lose it lol and ill get even bigger on prime and size on, so im a lil hesitant to cut man. we will talk once u come home for the winter break. talk about supplements everyday like we did in summer lol


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