Time off between MFX/HDx2 and Swole stack?

  1. Time off between MFX/HDx2 and Swole stack?

    I'm on MassFX and Hyperdrol x2 right now, and I have the Swole stack just sitting here waiting to be used

    Should I take a break after the mfx and hdx2 or just jump right into the swole stack?

    I don't know exactly how many days I'll be on mfx/hdx2, I have one bottle of each, started @ 4 caps each per day but on day 2 I got extreme stomach discomfort so I backed down to 2 caps each per day for a couple of days, then onto 3 each, and finally back to 4 So overall I will probably have be on the combo for ~35 days.

  2. You may want to take as much time off as you were on, like say 35 days off...I only say that because the Hyperdrol is an AI, and the stoked acts a little different. I would really ask a AX rep about time off between Hyperdrol runs but I think they dispeared

    If you were just on Mass fx I would say just switch over, PM some from AI

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