New stack, take a look, should be SOLID!!!

  1. New stack, take a look, should be SOLID!!!

    I am between cycles and finishing up testoPro, stoked, glycobol and igf2. Let me just say great stack. Really noticed nice results 2.5 wks in. How everything was dosed:
    testopro: 2am, 2preworkout, 1before bed
    stoked: same above
    glycobol: 2 15min pre breakfast, 2 with preworkout meal, 1 before bed
    IGF2: 2 first thing am before shower, 2 right before wo, 3 before bed

    very very nice natty stack but I wanted to make it better and may have here's the new one:
    recycle: 2am, 2 prewo, 2 before bed (looks very solid and similar to testpro stoked combo)
    HGHup: as directed prewo, before bed (not sure dosage yet)
    glycobol: same as above stack
    P-slin: with postwo shake much like mass monster shake
    EndoAmp Max: prewo as directed

    let the animal be unleashed!!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Good luck!

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