Creatine while on a PH cycle???

  1. Exclamation Creatine while on a PH cycle???

    about to do a cycle of H-drol. I have 1,000 grams of creatine mono. Should i use it during the cycle or not?

    my plan was maybe to start using the creatine mono about two weeks before I start the H-drol cycle so the creatine will start kickin the first week of my PH. Any thoughts/comments/opinions/pointers?


  2. I use creatine monohydrate year round whether im pre-contest, offseason, on-cycle, off-cycle, ALWAYS ... creatine monohydrate is a staple supplement, and if it is not for you it should be.


  3. personally i would save it for after cycle with PCT helps keep the gains

  4. yeah defiantly better to save for PCT

  5. save it for PCT
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