During and Post Cycle Supplements

  1. During and Post Cycle Supplements

    Not sure if I should post this in here or in another forum so I will give this one a shot. While in the midst of a cycle or post cycle what do you guys take while on and post to help you out. If you guys could list what you take it could really help others out looking for what to  help them out if they deicide to do a cycle; my suggestions are





    Saw Palmetto



    Armidex (which do you guys think is better the nolva or armi)

    Clomid on hand

    DHT Shampoo

    Just feel free to comment and let others know what you think so they can have the knowledge too. This should address all problems that may arise but I probably missed something so add away what you think.

  2. On a bulking cycle, I'd add creatine as well.  YJ just posted an article in the roid section discussing this.



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