Is this stack safe?

  1. Is this stack safe?

    This is my stack. I am on a recomp im 5' 9" 174. about 15%bf trying to get to 10%. Does this stack safe and will it be a good recomp?

    prime (keep as much muscle)
    anabolic pump
    mens one a day muliti
    animal cuts! (didnt start this yet hope it lives up to claims)
    xterme test(not very good test booster)
    extenze (mostly for libido but hey we will see)(has DHEA)

    Sound good to run for three months?(of course follow animal guidelines)


  2. Ok from my knowledge on these supplements, the USP Labs stack is good. However I don't think you need a test booster with it. Being only 172lbs, it's kind of like over kill. I think it would be a waste of money. You usually want to save the test boosters for your PCT when your levels are all jacked from the Prime and Powerfull stack. Same goes for the Extenz. Men's one a day might not be enough of a vitamin to handle the work load you are preparing to do. But instead of not taking it, I would suggest stacking it with a bigger multi vitamin like Animal Pack. You would take the Pack in the morning and your one a day sometime after that. Now on to Cuts. I took this product and wasn't really happy with it. However, I did like you are going to do and stacked it w/a prohormone. I think thats why it didn't work so well. One product was trying to put on mass and the other was trying to curb my appetite and I think they just broke each other down. If it works for you great, but my suggestion would have been to take such a product when you have reached your maximum weight goal and are entering a cutting cycle. Hope all that helps a little bit. Let me know how that Prime n Powerfull works. I'm thinking about trying it in few months after my PCT is over with.

  3. AJ, pretty sure the Prime and Powerfull are non-hormonal. He doesn't need a PCT on them. Ran Powerfull couple months ago, libido was jacked (in a good way). I'd say you don't need the test booster or the xtenze, but if you already have it give it a shot. The USP products are great.

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