Beginner Stack. Need Help!!!

  1. Question Beginner Stack. Need Help!!!

    I'm new to these forums so if something similar has been posted let me know.

    I used to work out at school every other day. It wasn't super intense and I did not take any supplements. I mainly did it because it was required and I kinda liked the feel and burn of working out. I'm not very smart when it comes to body building or losing weight, but what I am asking is if there is a general all around stack that can help me bulk and cut at the same time. (Don't worry about diet, I can find that elsewhere.) I'm Not super skinny and im not fat or even chubby. I guess you can say I'm slim with some minor flub ha

    as an example I saw on a post some stacks:

    Ragnarok, RPM, and Drive all together.

    Would this be a good stack? I'm just basically lookin to gain muscle and lose quite a bit of body fat. I just wanna look "cut" and have big muscles.

    I'm a short 5' 6'' and weigh 140 lbs

    Bring on the big cut lookin muscles!!

  2. Whats your diet look like? How long have you been working out for? How old are you? Cause if your just starting out and are young you don't need that, just need a solid diet and maybe some protein and a multi vitamin.

  3. I'm 18, Haven't really been workin out. I never actually applied for a gym and went 3 times a week. just every other day some ****ty workouts at school about a year ago..

    I don't have a good diet whatsoever lol this is why I am here. any suggestions? I have no clue where to start on a diet like carbs fats and calorie intake

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