glycobol/furazadrol/hdrol stack?

  1. glycobol/furazadrol/hdrol stack?

    hey guys whats up i new around here and wanted to ask about a stack i was thinking of doing. i just started on some furazadrol last week and im adding hdrol to the mix this week. i was wondering if adding glycobol would be a good thing? i know its supposed to enhance the effect of adrogens but i was wondering if it would add to what im taking.ive heard nothing but great reviews about it but i havent seen anything on someone combining it with
    furaz/hdrol. if there is a thread on it forgive me im new. feedback would be greatly appreciated

  2. solid first post question!

    it will definietly help because the synergistic effecs of the insulin mimicer with androgens amplifies the gains

    howevert i must ask how your diet will be on it so we can help you gain / recomp the most effective

  3. im starting the nutrisystem diet this week which ive done in the past and worked out great but i wanst working out at the time or taking any supplements so i dont know if its well balanced enough for when your training. i think it might be ,but what worries me is that i dont think the diet has enough calories (1500 calories a day) for training.whats you look on the situation?

  4. Not enough calories! U need atleast 12 cal per pound to maintain ur weight (very rough estimate) without lifting. So I would shoot for 2400 calories (I don't know ur activity level or metabolism) at least for this diet. 240g of protein 90g fat and 150g carbs. This is rough estimate again.

  5. yeah looks like im gonna have to add a little bit of everything to the nutrisystem plan.
    also on the supplement side i started the furazadrol the first week at 100mg now for the remaining of cycle gonna go to 150mg and add 50mg of hdrol.
    i heard furazadrol should be ran at 200mg and hdrol at 75mg.whats yor take on that?

  6. Yea that sounds good. I woulda done hdrol starting at 75 and furaz u can go up to like 300 no prob. Its weak and needs high doses

  7. sweeeet thanks bud appreciate the info!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by magick View Post
    sweeeet thanks bud appreciate the info!
    Let us you need any furhter assistance, make sure to take glycobol 30 minutes prior to each meal with carbs.
    doing my own thang!

  9. Remember the gbol will help pretty much "waste" some of the carbs so don't be afraid to pack the carbs in if u experience some gastro issues. For example u take 2 gbol and 40g carbs and u experiences problems u know that u can safely increase carbohydrate intake a little more and not gain fat

  10. so i take 2 glycobols before a high carb meal twice a day?
    do i pick the two heaviest meals of the day and dose up with them?

  11. Yep that correct you can even break it up differently thru out the day if u want to. I only do one post workout bc glut 4 translocation and insulin sensitivity is higher post workout so I don't feel the need to take 2 post workout


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