Goji Berries Winning Over Broccoli Blueberries and Even Prescription Drug Fanatics

  1. Goji Berries Winning Over Broccoli Blueberries and Even Prescription Drug Fanatics

    Goji Berries Winning Over Broccoli Blueberries and Even Prescription Drug Fanatics

    Goji Berries: Winning Over Broccoli, Blueberries and Even Prescription Drug Fanatics, as they are more commonly called are turning naysayers into believers worldwide and yet, most still have never heard of them. Although around since the beginning of time it is only recently that these berries, also known as the Wolf berry or Lycium berries have been brought to the forefront after men and women have caught wind of their nutritionally beneficial potency.

    Health claims cover the complete spectrum, from simply being more vitamin-rich than fruits, vegetables and supplements of similar ilk to the rumored and now legendary: a 256 year old man who was born in the 1600?s. At some point between the truth and the downright outrageous, lies scientific evidence that simply cannot be ignored. And even if you are dumber than a 2 x 4, one would have to agree that with the overwhelming amount of endorsements coming out of the woodwork as these wrinkly, but impressively potent, not too sour berries reach more of the world each almost glowing to go on record about how Goji berries have affected them, you certainly have to almost revel in the Goji berries potential.

    You need not be a brain surgeon to determine the truth from the insane. There are very few of us today who will not move in an inch unless given the order to do so by a conventionally educated, doctor. In fact, more often than not, well-intentioned individuals like you and me and those we care about have suffered detrimental results after applying a physician?s advice and often we have learned to despise it. But most people wise up, long before they grow old. ?Old-school? thinkers may listen to the doctors? words with intense attention, but today?s generations have a multitude of resources at our fingertips to educate us better on specifics, when needed.

    To some, they?d consider that to be really good news, unfortunately... Not being able to sift through all the information to find ?the good stuff? is the bad news. Heck, if one was to narrow their research to Google alone, they?d have to sort through a very real 8 billion pages plus, to find the answers that have been disguised until their enlightened discovery. Information overload is the major difference between determining the truth from fiction from way back when, to these days. You could become buried in the volumes of information available these days, but obviously with people?s hidden agendas aplenty, you must decide on your own who to believe and who to ignore.

    Goji berries and the information that continues to be published about them is such an example. Every day, new stories are surfacing, but how do you separate the absolute facts from the possible fiction?

    Maybe you have read the sworn statements stretching from one end of the world to the other. Maybe you have heard the latest word of mouth highlighting improvements that made your ears perk up. Adding the Goji Berry into your diet has tons of health benefits that a healthy article such as this one simply could not cover in full, without quickly turning this article into an encyclopedia set. Reports have come in by the boatload: reducing, if not eliminating tumors, regulating high blood pressure, improving libido, keeping your natural hair longer, bettering eyesight, shedding unwanted pounds, and the list of personal improvements, longer than your left leg, continues.

    But,, allow me to concentrate on what is continually backed by conventional and alternative doctors, scientists, researchers, independent studies and end users: antioxidant potency and its effect on your immune system.

    For decades now, the most touted super food definitely in the United States, if not the world, at what has to date gotten the most press are 2 every day foods: broccoli and blueberries. Each, nutritionally pack a punch, benefit your body in multiple ways, and are a part of every ideal, healthy diet. Both consistently appear on ?top foods to eat? lists everywhere and anywhere, because they are so healthy. Why? Antioxidants.

    Blueberries beat broccoli in antioxidants by more than three hundred percent. Now, before I make your brain explode with possibility, let?s first address why you may not know this information. However you care to explain it, unfortunately, the common theme is money, more specifically greed. It is the prominent, determining reason in many things you now know about and those you never will.

    Do you remember in America when a certain, famous President announced that he didn?t like, more specifically despised broccoli? My question for you is: who has more money? Broccoli farmers (a major source of revenue in the United States) or blueberry farmers? Known information is known, because there is more money to tell more people about it.

    Why have most not heard of Goji berries, if they are so darn good for you?

    (Fair warning). Prepare to be mind boggled.

    Goji berries were discovered in Tibet. Tibetan Goji berries are by far the most authentic, especially when backed directly by the Tibetan Government, officially and documented but we?ll save that for a different discussion. How many Tibetan farmers have the monetary means to compete with broccoli farmers in the United States?

    Knowing you?d be hard pressed to find an abundance of radios, let alone televisions in Tibet, how many households and businesses in Tibet do you think have a computer and Internet access? Any wonder why Goji berries are still a mystery to the masses?

    Broccoli is rich in antioxidants, . You now know that the blueberry out rivals broccoli 3 to 1 healthy in comparison. What about Goji berries? (You may want to sit down). Here is undeniable, scientific fact: Goji berries have twelve times as many antioxidants than blueberries. ! This may sound crazy, but this is 100 percent science. Goji berries have a huge 2,843 percent MORE antioxidants than the well known, often published, teetering on ?common knowledge? super food: broccoli.

    Why care? Antioxidants in a nut-shell, combat and ideally defeat free radicals that attack your immune system daily. When your immunity suffers, you suffer. With a suffering immune system, a common virus could kill you. I?ll refrain from sharing the explicit details, such as projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea that can happen when your immune system is under attack and tries its best to fight back so you don?t die, but suffice me to say, if you lose control of your, or take your immunity system?s well being lightly, you won?t be around too long after to argue the point.

    Tens of millions of dropping you to the knees and regretting the day you met them, viruses can be transferred to another by touch alone. When your immunity is weak, potentially disastrous trouble is ahead. Your body becomes vulnerable. Susceptible to being contagious, an inviting, unnecessary, wide open door to pain, hardship and trouble that could be completely avoidable, simply by taking care of yourself.

    Broccoli, blueberries and now that you are in the know, Goji berries are antioxidant rich. Goji berries, of all present choices, are the stand out option to ensure a virtual, bullet proof, Fort Knox equivalent immune system that is so unrivaled, few in their right mind, can afford to ignore its possibility. It?s as easy as that. And the icing on the cake? Eat sweet berries that are nearly 3000 percent better for you, or broccoli by the shovel full, that well, tastes like broccoli.

    Testimonials are piling up from one country to another. Individuals like you and me are on the edge of their seat share their stories with anybody in ear shot. Each have been experiencing attention commanding health benefits. The health benefits being declared by simply including Goji berries into your diet are tough for even the most skeptic to dismiss. Tibet authentic keeps being the leading source, arming interested the health savvy with the potentially life altering information, and food that is changing people's lives: sick or healthy.

    By: David Foreman

  2. How much do you need to eat a day.

  3. I love goji berries. I remember the first time I had some...it was like a "light" went on inside my body and I ended up almost eating the whole bag in one day. I always buy the Heaven Mountain Goji Berries from Bija.

  4. Goji Berries are pretty tasty but expensive. You can get them in bulk online for a decent price though.

    I am going to try to plant some Goji bush in my yard.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rob211080 View Post
    How much do you need to eat a day.
    30g a day people say

    but i prefer 50g or 100g a day if i'm bulking. a lot easier to get down if you chuck 50g into some hot water then take the berries out and eat them when there soft and easy to go down, then drink the tea
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  6. It is found and used in abundance in China...wolfberry. Usually in soups and teas.


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