Back at it.

  1. Back at it.

    I havent posted in awhile. Basically just been lifting with nothing but protein and creatine once in awhile after.
    I am putting a stack together to help give me an edge to retaining muscle when i go to school. Tell me what you think.
    EQ-Plex - CEL
    Stoked - Ana. In.
    Maniac - Ana. In.
    CellMass - BSN(dont hate) I havent used cellmass since i started lifting and it fairly cheap now with the additional 25%.

    On the side,
    ATW Whey Blend
    Focus XT

    I wanted a PH that is fairly lean gains, ill be tryign to eat clean. I was thinking of stacking the EQ w/ and Epithio wether it be Epistane, Havoc, e-stane im not sure.

    EDIT: Also on the Maniac, NP says 80serving but then the facts says 2 scoops = 40 servingds?

  2. I still think cellmass is a complete waste of money. Its like what? 36 bucks for 150g of CEE. Id rather spend that money on some mono and yellow gold. I would also just run epi and save some money dropping the EQ becaue i dont think running both would be a vast improvement over running epi alone and, though ive never run EQ before, i doubt it would beat epi. Just my 2 pennies

  3. I ran Epi before and wasnt a fan but for some reason to took better to havoc? Better stregth gains and leaned out a bit.
    I decided to switch to just mono, cause for the cost and being in college itll be worth it. I did like cellmass when i used it awhile back though.

    I like to run epithio high so ill prolly run havoc 40/50/60/50/50/40
    Im going to taper down because i think it'll help with and easier PCT and although there is a 8 hour half life, it should have my body running full steam ahead anyway.

  4. what are you at and what are you shooting for. I just bought me some yellow gold and some caps and im loving it.

  5. 200lb at about 11-12% BF. Looking to lean out some and stay strong.
    I have used a few different things in the past.
    I know how to diet and exercise i was more just curious what people thought about EQ.
    YG is a nutrient repartioner right?If so, i have used Anabolic pump, p-slin, Neovar and Glycobol and not really a fan of any of them i just dont think i take well to them. I have some Glycobol still and i take one every once in awhile.

  6. If you're going back to school, you might not want to take anabolics that cause lethargy (EQ-Plex, Havoc). If leaning out and retaining muscle are your priorities, I'd recommend stacking Activate Xtreme or Divanex with transdermal formestane. That way, you won't have to deal with the typical steroid issues: fatigue, liver stress, back pumps, etc. I used Divanex/trans. form for eight weeks in May/June and it was quite effective... more so than an H-drol cycle I'd run previously.

    Just an idea.

  7. If your goals are recomp, hdrol is the compound you want to choose

    If you want that to be more aggressive, choose a tren product to stack hdrol with IMO.

    I'm thinking the OPPOSITE of what frequency says... once the 14ad kicks in, you won't know whether you're on the epithio or not.

    I agree with rubberring. Lethargy is likely with your stack idea.

  8. Well you guys made valid points, let me address them.
    -I ran havoc and epi before. Lethargy was not unbearable for me, the back pumps were a bit tough on havoc but i was high dose.
    -I dont drink at all really, not a fan so the liver stress shouldnt be to much for me.
    -I'd rather not use a tren compound cause i hear those are some of the worst sides.
    -I used Mdrol as my first PH about 2 yrs ago and i got a bit of gyno. So i wont use that or p-plex or other that trigger gyno again. (HAvoc and epi did not trigger it for me)
    -I use focus XT sometimes to deal with tiredness at school.
    -I never have had any blood pressure issues while on any.
    -Hdrol was an ok compound for me but i think my diet was weak at that point or my training time.
    -I wont use a transdermal cause i sweat very very easily and frequently.
    That is why i leaned toward EQ cause its not to "harsh" and i never used it.
    -I used Stoked a bit before, and loved it. So ill probably use that instead of Divanex.
    So maybe Hdrol and Havoc? Or havoc and a "pre-load" with EQ?

    Keeps the ideas coming fellas! I got about a week before i decide to order.

  9. IMO 14ad is a moderately aggressive compound, especially if you dose high enough and run it for a long time (ie 8wks). With a little research, you'll see that response does vary with this compound.

    I like how you are considering running that as a base in your last post though. I think it would stack very well with hdrol or epithio. I've seen someone on another board start with dermacrine while the 14ad kicks in. The bridge to your compound of preference, maybe halo, maybe epithio, to finish off the cycle with a bang.

    For example:
    14ad: Wks 1-8 at 800
    Dermacrine: as recommended wks 1-4
    Havoc: wks 5-8 30/40/50/50


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