stack review

  1. stack review

    bsn stack
    a hmb supps maby abomb
    glutamine for post
    creatine mono for post
    gold whey protein
    and thinking maby cellucore d4 prob not tho...
    and i might run xtend during workout

  2. details on the BSN stack. NoXplode, Cellmass, Nitrix? If this is it then you dont need the creatine mono, but . . .

    Not a huge fan of BSN, other products are better AND cheaper. Check Nutraplanet for best sellers for some ideas. For preworkout (if I use one) I like Anadraulic State, it has creatine, NO pump complex, beta alanine, AI properties . . .

    For just a creatine my fave is Green Bulge.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  3. yea no x nitrix and cellmass...i know alota people arnt fans of bsn but my body truly has seen the best results from there products...

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