New stack, any supps competing?

  1. New stack, any supps competing?

    Newer on this site, just got a decent shipment with a bonus package from nutra planet that was either golden customer service or a mistake. Anyways, I'm usually not the one to pimp my new stack, but there seems to be a lot of knowledgeable people around here that know quite a bit more than me.

    I've been working out consistently for over 5 years and have used most of this, just not together, so I've done some research. I'm going to be working out twice a day M,W,F for 4 weeks. I will be following most labels and supplementing with:

    Z-force before bed

    Spread throughout the day:
    Super Cissus Rx
    Green tea or rhodiola
    Maura Puama capped
    Fish oil with meals

    Workout stack:
    Z-force (Zinc formula that excites yet also relaxes before bed)

    Gatorade, vanilla Whey, L-Leucine, creatine monohydrate, taurine

    Basically hoping to catapult natural T levels for 2 a days, eat like crazy and throw on a slab of muscle. Anyone see anything competing with each other that might be a waste. Should I space some of the herbals out or can I take some of them together.

    Usually not a big poster, but I'm stoked about my superstack for this training period. I usually only allow myself to spend this kind of money once a year so I want to get it right.


  2. are you mixing the all the intra workout things with the gatorade? if so you have balls

  3. Are you taking a multivitamin?

  4. Yeah just a run of the mill grocery store brand multi-vitamin. The workout mix tastes good, just like orange cream with vanilla whey and orange gatorade, the other stuff mixes well enough and the gatorade covers it up, other flavors taste decent too.

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