Building an athletic stack help needed

  1. Building an athletic stack help needed

    Hey im looking to build a stack ideal for athletes i will be using P90X and trying to get into better athletic shape. I.E explosivness Strength Speed all that fun stuff. Im planning on buying Cre-02, Cordygen-5 For Creatine/Oxygen Utilization, as well as restocking with animal pak and intra-aid i have enough protein at home, but what else is there too take. I was considering Buying 2 bottles of prime and 1 of incarnate, But not positive. anyone have any thought on added supps to aid in athletic performance. Thank you.

    A few products that intrigue me.
    -Anabolic Edge

    Anyone used any of the products mentioned and liked em?

  2. As of right now my stack consists of this

    -Alpha Burn/Lean Xtreme

    Im very close to ordering but im looking for one more something that intrigues me is Anabolic edge although for only a 20 day supply its tempting to not buy it. I really want to know if it works before i go and buy 2 bottles of it which is what id need to succesfully run it.

  3. In regards to your current stack: Cordygen5 is good to go, but a better option would be CordygenVO2. C5 is geared towards the endurance athlete, where increased O2 utilization is desired for several hours. CVO2 was designed to have a more pronounced effect, but for the 1-3 hour time range. I have been a big fan of MST's products, and I have noticed the difference when moving to CVO2. We both train for less than an hour, so we'd benefit moreso from the concentrated CVO2 than compared to the time-released C5.

    To build upon your current stack: First thing that jumps out to me is Beta-Alanine. It will kick up stamina considerably once carnosine levels build within the body. Affordable as a bulk powder, bulk caps, and prices aren't so bad with commercial grade products. Incarnate would not be a bad choice as it contains cissus, which doubles as a joint protector and a cortisol moderator. Be wary of the price in comparison to other BA products however.

    Drive and Prime may suit you real well. I've felt a difference when using Drive, with increased stamina and strength. Prime seems to work wonders for some, and if you have the cash to shell out for it, it might prove to be worthy in terms of performance and moreso, arguably, recovery.

    So... P90x. Not a bad program, but not suited towards athletics. Give some thought towards CrossFit. Functional fitness, real athletics.

  4. Alright thanks for help here is final stack i think.

    - Ultra Cordygen VO2 (1)
    -CRE 02 (1)
    -MVP/ZMK (1)
    -Intra-Aid (1)
    -Prime (2)
    -Incarnate (1)

    And i have some Torrent/ATW/Whey at home aswell as jack3d if need be.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jumpshot903 View Post
    Alright thanks for help here is final stack i think.

    - Ultra Cordygen VO2 (1)
    -CRE 02 (1)
    -MVP/ZMK (1)
    -Intra-Aid (1)
    -Prime (2)
    -Incarnate (1)

    And i have some Torrent/ATW/Whey at home aswell as jack3d if need be.
    I cant wait to hear your results from that stack
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  6. Looks good to go.


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