I have done some PH cycles in the past, and have seen some small results. I won't get into real gear stories here. And for the record, I'm 40, been lifting very hard for 26 years; 5'9" @ 250, and very strong. I have 4 kids and am done with having kids.

I decided to stack some PH to see the effect:

Trenabol (2/day)
Epistane (2/day)
Methyl-D (2/day)

I have gained about 10# over a month, and strength has increased noticeably. I finished the 1 month of Trenabol and added an original MASS TAB (1/day) before workouts.

It's been 1 week with the MASS TABS and my nuts are shutting down, cause I can feel the pain, like having been kicked there (ro-sham-bo?).

What PCT's should I prepare to use next month when I stop the PHs?

I've never had this happen before, to this (painful) extent, even with previous real cycles of gear (Sustonon250/EQ/TestCyp/etc)

And for the price, real injectable gear is probably (is) the best & safest stuff around.