How/When to take these supps

  1. Question How/When to take these supps


    im in my early 20s 185lbs 5'11" and bulking
    i am wondering how and when to take all of these supplements;

    Currently i take
    CEE,AAKG, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate preworkout
    And taking Cissus, Green Tea Powder, Raspberry Ketones and Milk Thistle before sleep.
    also taking fish oil, multis and whey.

    Please suggest the best time/combo of taking all the above supplements.

    Thank you for your input!

  2. First of all, you should switch the ethyl ester Creatine to Mono, and the AAKG to ethyl ester arginine, just IMO. Dosing of that is fine.

    Cissus u can take before workout as well. Take Creatine/Whey post workout as well.

    Buy 1000g of Nutra's BCAAs and 1000g of Leucine too, and Beta-Alanine, which is cheaper than CM and works better too.

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