Quick question about WMS.

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    Quick question about WMS.

    Ok guys..quick question...i just found that i had a full container of Kwick Karb (WMS) sitting in the kitchen and im going to use it up in my post-shake. My question is that would throwing about 50grams of this stuff in my shaker with my post-workout protein shake be good? Should i use it at a different time or different dosage? Any advice would be golden here. Thanks

  2. Not bad time to use it. I prefer using WM pre-intra workout and dextrose post workout. Since WM is a quick burning carb, intra and pre are good times to take it for energy.

  3. I would use it more post, you wanna intake some slower digesting carbs IMO pre-workout to sustain you throughout most of your workout.

    Hasnt WMS proven to be no faster than white bread tho???
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  4. wms has somewhat been debunked unless u have the 'real' vitargo...finish your tub and just stick with dextrose/malto.
  5. True74Seneca
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    alright thanks. What i am going to do it....finish workout....drink WMS...stretch...drive home (about 8-10 minute drive)...protein. Ive read that you dont wanna take the WMS and protein together.



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