What to use after dermacrine?? activate or 6oxo

  1. What to use after dermacrine?? activate or 6oxo

    Hello all. I have some dermacrine i'm about to use. I heard it can cause some shutdown. Would something like activate extreme or 6-oxo take care of the pct issue. I have a bottle of both unopened. I'm only doing a 4 week 1bottle cycle of dermacrine, so I wouldn't think I would need a huge overhaul in the hormone department,would I?

  2. very possibly might not need neither...dc is mild

    but if you do feel shutdown, 6oxo will be the one to use. AX you can start about 2 weeks into pct. Again, that is if you have a real shutdown. I'd wager most probably you won't need them, save them for later.

  3. Dermacrine causing shutdown? Must be very heavy dosage to do that. I'd go to the PP board and ask the question directly. 1T does cause shutdown but its not considered to be severe.

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