Can protein powder go bad?

  1. Can protein powder go bad?

    I bought some protein from GNC last month, a 5lber of the basic 100% Whey Protein. About a week ago, it started hurting my stomach when I drank it. It it has soured. The expiration is 04/2011. I purchased another container at the same time and it tastes fine.


  2. Urrgghh... It should be fine but if it smells funny it suggests it might have got wet and then dried out. Once it gets wet you're in trouble even if it then dries out (bacterial toxins).

    Send it back. If it smells they can check the quality for themselves.

  3. I would return it. They'll replace it.

  4. Return it for sure.

    I bet protein powder can go bad. I found half a jug of (oddly enough) GNC brand stuff that was maybe a year old. Figured might as well use it. Wrong idea. Felt so sick about a hour after taking it. Thought it was a fluke and tried it a week later, same thing.


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