Best Pre Work Out for Sensitive Stomach

  1. Best Pre Work Out for Sensitive Stomach

    So I am searching for a new pre-work out drink…I have tried the following:
    N.O. Explode
    Superpump 250
    Infinite Labs Juggernaut
    Super NOX

    My problem is that my stomach seems to always be upset after taking most of these, with the exceptions of Super pump/Super NOX. Now I can deal with the having to take a **** after drinking most of these, but lately I have had stomach pains during my entire workout. That coupled with the occasional headache…

    Any recommendations for products that will give me some energy/pump but won’t give me headaches/stomach pains?

  2. RPM and CRE02 or Green Bulge, depending on your goals/needs.

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    This shouldnt give you any stomach problems or GI issues at all. I know some pre workout supps can give you the "squirts", but I've never had any issues with this. There are some logs on here about it if you want to check them out.

  4. Thanks...seems like capsules are the way to go rather than powder based pre workout drinks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSicilian99 View Post
    Thanks...seems like capsules are the way to go rather than powder based pre workout drinks?
    it all depends on the person really..

  6. I would suggest you make yourself a hybrid drink similar to what I do right now. On NP you can get USPowders DominATP and if you need some stim energy get some Jack3d and mix in about 15-30 scoops of Jack3d and you will have a stomach friendly pre-workout. Keep in mind that you will not have much in terms of NO with this combo but that can easily be solved by getting some bulk AAKG and adding it into the mix. DominATP is really effective, inexpensive and mixes perfect with Jack3d (tastes are the same in both).

  7. Coffee, tea, pasta, pb&j sandwich, fruit. You dont need a preworkout drink.

  8. You may want to look into USPlabs Jack3d... Attached is the write-up located on This is a common issue with pre-workout products and one we set out to defunct the bad-workout myth...

    Like having tons of energy, strength, stamina and endurance for your workouts? Who doesn't? There's nothing like the right combination of compounds taken pre-workout to deliver consistently mind-blowing workouts to help you achieve your goals. After all, if your workouts suck, you can all but forget about making killer progress anytime soon.

    USPLabs Jack3d gives you the mad aggressive desire and ability to lift more weight, pump out more reps and have crazy lasting energy, along with sick muscle-engorging pumps. Jack3d is easily the most intense pre-workout product you will ever want to use again. The amount of energy and focus is perfect, pumps and vascularity will be out of control, but most importantly you will feel great throughout your entire workout. No crash, no bloat, no headaches, no blow workouts.

    Why Does USPLabs Jack3d Put Every Other Pre-Workout Product To Shame?

    Up to 77% of pre-workout powders on the market today are nothing but unhealthy, Insulin-soaring, fat-storing fillers! Shocking, but true, over three-fourths of what you consume on a daily basis is nothing but ineffective filler that can actually cause you to GAIN body fat!

    Not only is this detrimental to your gains, but it shoots prices through the roof. After all, it costs big bucks to ship now-a-days. Also, larger packaging costs more than smaller packaging. In essence, you're not only paying for fillers but floating the shipping bill as well!

    So why do these companies do this?

    It’s simple really; larger packaging takes up more shelf space, and the consumer has been trained to think "bigger is better" you are fooled into thinking you are getting more active ingredients than you really are. But in this case, bigger not only means more expensive, but more dangerous as well.

    These fillers mainly consist of evil, fattening maltodextrin, large amounts of magnesium & artificial dyes--Not good to say the least!

    Here's the breakdown

    MALTODEXTRIN (Worse Than Sugar!)

    We all know maltodextrin is an absolute killer to your physique, causing insulin to shoot through the roof and put your body into fat storing mode (NOT what you want any time, let alone as you're headed into your workout).

    Many of you reading this just got the answer to why your fat loss has come to a dead halt. The supplement promoted to help is ultimately hindering your goals!

    FACTS about Maltodextrin:

    * Maltodextrin has a glycemic index of 105 – That's sky-high on the chart - 5 Points higher than Glucose & 44 points higher than sucrose (Yep, that's straight-up table sugar!)
    * Maltodextrin is found in large quantities in all the top selling pre-workout pump products.
    * Most products contain between 6 to 11 grams of maltodextrin per scoop - With 2-3 scoops being required for effective dose!
    * A "hardcore" dose of popular powders will yield up to 33 grams of Maltodextrin! That's 72-132 calories super-high GI carbs! Same as a can of soda!! -Maltodextrin is simply added as a filler to deceive you into thinking you are getting more for your money.
    * And, to make things even shadier, Maltodextrin is often cleverly disguised on the label as "glucose polymers." How do we know they are being deceptive? That's a lot of carbs – why do they try to disguise it?
    * High amounts of maltodextrin is what you pay for with those other formulas. Shipping, bigger packages & bottles all cost more. Who do you think is covering these costs?

    Is your pre-workout product making you fat? If it has maltodextrin (i.e. "glucose polymers") then it certainly is.


    The leading Pre-workout Pump products are LOADED with Magnesium.

    Now, we need magnesium for a lot of reasons, but more is NOT better & can have serious side effects and health risks. Here are some magnesium facts:

    * National Academy of Sciences has set the upper tolerable limit of magnesium for adults at 350mg/day – that's equivalent to just one scoop of most products.
    * Magnesium is also used as a filler - 3.5 grams each scoop is compromised from the Magnesium.
    * Magnesium at high doses is used therapeutically as a laxative.
    * The high Magnesium in this product is the reason people get the runs, not because of the stimulant effect.

    How many times do we have to read about guys having to leave their workouts - or missing their workouts entirely - because they were stuck in the bathroom? Why take a product that is supposed to get you pumped for the gym when it will cause you to have to skip the gym? It's the magnesium that's causing this, NOT the stimulants. Jack3d contains no magnesium, so there's no issues.


    Virtually all pre-workout powders contain an enormous amount of artificial coloring at levels deemed extremely dangerous. The leading pre-workout pump products all contain different mixes of artificial food coloring.

    When you ingest this stuff you're eating petroleum – That's right, straight up coal & tar...yum, yum!! Jack3d contains ONLY natural flavoring and coloring.


    Ever wonder why there are 500 ingredients in a single product, when it's obvious that the ingredients are added in such miniscule amounts they wouldn't even have an effect on an ant!

    Well, the majority of the ingredients listed are there in trace amounts, meaning they won't do a damn thing for you, except deceive you into thinking you're getting ingredients that will actually help you.

    You won't find trace amounts of any ingredient in Jack3d, just the active ingredients and the proper amounts that will deliver dramatic results every time.
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  9. You can also look into Maniac. Good clean energy and 80 servings for $33.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  10. To be honest, the best Pre WO I have had that is easy on my stomach was Nano Vapor from the evil MT. I much prefer RPM,R4W, Stim/Slim X. But for easiness, essentially Vapor is a mega multi vitamin IMO, so it never reacts weird.

  11. The powdered pre-w/o drinks always upset my stomach as well. I just started taking Universal's Shock Therapy and it has been fantastic. I have not had any GI issues and the product does what it is supposed to!!
    Always open light. It’s not what you open with, it’s what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  12. Is shock therapy a capsule? Nobody's using jet fuel in here are they?

  13. try buzzsaw by trueprotein. i have a very sensitive stomach and have never done well with powdered pwo drinks, but this is one of the powdered pwo drinks that doesn't mess with my stomach.

    if you order, use code dkt737 to save

  14. jack3d

  15. Yea I tried buzzsaw back in the day...actually made me boot mid-work out bahah I still finished up strong though!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by vpower View Post
    Is shock therapy a capsule? Nobody's using jet fuel in here are they?
    Powder drink mix....Blue Raz is awesome!
    Always open light. It’s not what you open with, it’s what you finish with. Louie Simmons


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