yohimbine hcl

  1. yohimbine hcl

    Just got my shipment of 1-test from kilosports, which was all I ordered. When I opened the box there was an extra bottle of yohimbime hcl free! as seen here: http://www.kilosports.com/productde....7mg%20Capsules

    I wanted some feed back from those who have used it. For example how much to take? when to take? what to stack it with? ect....
    Also on the side label it says not to take with caffine, so I guess it can't be stacked with ECA... Let me know what you think....All input is appreciated.

  2. I stacked it with ECA, UA, Lipoderm, ALA. No problems whatsoever. Works very well in conjunction with ECA, start low to asess tolerance.

  3. Thanks scotty, after I finish bulking I'll use it for my cutting cycle.

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